International activities of V.M. Glushkov Glushkov Viktor Mikhailovich

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International activities of V.M. Glushkov

Computer Pioneer Medal

For digital automation of computer architecture,for the development of the theory of digital automata and the creation of multiprocessor macro-pipeline supercomputers, the international organization IEEE Computer Society honored V.M. Glushkov medal "Computer Pioneer".

The Computer Pioneer Award is the most prestigious award of the IEEE Computer Society, established in 1981. Awarded for outstanding achievements in computer science, moreover, the main contribution must be made more than 15 years ago. The medal is made of bronze, on the obverse of the medal there is a bas-relief of Charles Babbage, on the reverse - the award formula.

Glushkov, Viсtor Mikhailovich
For digital automation of computer architecture.

Foreign government awards

For a great contribution to the development of science and technology and the application of these achievements in the national economy of the socialist countries, V.M. Glushkov was awarded many government orders and medals, including the Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, 1st class, the Order of the Banner of Labor of the GDR, and others.

V.M. Glushkov was elected a member of the German Academy "Leopoldina", a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of Bulgaria, the GDR and Poland, an honorary doctor of Dresden University, an honorary member of the Polish Cybernetic Society.

Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, 1st class

Order of the Banner of Labor of the GDR

Working for the United Nations (UN)

V.M. Glushkov was an adviser to the UN Secretary-General on cybernetics and computing and their use in developing countries.

Working for the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

At the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) congress in 1974 in Stockholm, V.M. Glushkov, by decision of the General Assembly, was awarded a special award - the IFIP Silver Core. Thus, the great contribution of the scientist to the work of this organization was noted as a member of the Program Committee of the 1965 and 1968 congresses, as well as as Chairman of the Program Committee of the 1971 congress.