Glushkov Viсtor Mikhailovich

Viсtor Mikhailovich Glushkova (1923-1982) - a great scientist of the XX century, a pioneer of computer science and cybernetics, an ideologist of the digital state, an academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, known for his scientific results of world significance in mathematics, computer science and cybernetics, computer engineering and programming, the creation of his own scientific schools in these fields of science. For the development of the theory of digital automata and the creation of multiprocessor macroconveyor supercomputers, for digital automation of computer architecture the international organization IEEE Computer Society awarded V.M. Glushkov the medal "Computer Pioneer".

Medal «Computer Pioneer»
IEEE Computer Society.


He was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, awarded three Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, 1st degree, the Order of the Banner of Labor of the GDR, etc. He was awarded the Lenin and two State Prizes of the USSR.

Awards and prizes of the USSR



twice winner
State Prize of the USSR

1968, 1977

Hero of Socialist Labor


3 orders


October Revolution


International awards

Medal «Computer Pioneer»
IEEE Computer Society


the Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria
( the 1st degree)


the Order of the Banner of Labor of the GDR


The scientific heritage of Victor Mikhailovich Glushkov

M. Glushkov is the creator of the theory of digital automata, the theory and practice of computer design, the world's unique computer design automation system "PROJECT", the theory of programming and algorithmic algebra systems, and artificial intelligence systems. Under his leadership, for the first time in the world, supercomputers with a new multiprocessor macroconveyor architecture (MIMD architecture according to the modern classification) were created, as well as computers "Dnepr", "Kiev", "Promin", MIR-1, MIR-2, MIR-3 and others.

For the first time in the world, V. M. Glushkov developed a holistic project of the digital state and digital economy OGAS - a project of a Nationwide automated system for collecting and processing information for accounting, planning and managing the national economy of the USSR. V. M. Glushkov - the main ideologist and one of the main creators of the industry of management information systems in the USSR, under his scientific leadership a number of management information systems of enterprises were created and large industrial management information systems (MIS), MIS "Moscow" as well as management information system of the Armed Forces of the USSR. He was the scientific director of the interdepartmental committee and the Board of Directors of the main institutes of defense industries for management, economics and informatics.

M. Glushkov developed artificial intelligence systems such as "eye-hand", "reading automaton", "self-organizing system", decision support systems, and mathematical proof automation systems.

M. Glushkov is the author of more than 800 scientific publications.

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